Plumbing & Heating Consumables

ProXCare offer a broad selection of professional consumables for the protection and repair of plumbing and heating installations.

ProXCare specialise in high-quality and affordable plumbing and heating consumable products. The ranges include:

  • A range of sprays and detectors including Pipe Lube, Air Duster & Gas Leak Detector.
  • FreezeNFix kits offer a cost-effective and time-saving method of freezing central heating pipes for repair work.
  • A highly cost-effective range of central heating chemicals encompassing Pro1000 Inhibitor, Pro4000 Cleaner & PRO-LS Leak Sealer.
  • PVC Solvent Weld Cement is suitable for all plastic plumbing wastes both above and below ground.
  • ProXCare's Liquid Plunger features 98% Sulphuric Acid offering plumbing professionals an effective toiler & drain unblocked.*

*Liquid Plunger is only available to plumbing and heating professionals or members of the public with a valid EPP licence

ProXCare Sprays & Detectors

ProxCare FreezeNFix Kit

ProXCare Central Heating Chemicals

ProXCare Solvent Cement

ProXCare Liquid Plunger