Delivery Policy

As described in our terms and conditions please find enclosed Barco Delivery Policy.
Barco reserves the right to amend this delivery policy.

"Delivery Policy"

Barco's document, which it may update from time to time, describing its policies for deliveries including timings and delivery charges.

a. Cut off times for Order Acknowledgements for feeding into delivery times.

(i) 5.00pm for van delivery customers

(ii) 4.00pm for carrier delivery customers

b. Delivery times during the day (8am to 5:30pm on Business Days).

c. Delivery charges if there is an Order below the minimum amount for vans or third party carriers.

(i) Van customer min order charge £60 + VAT

(ii) Carrier customer min order charge £120 + VAT

d. Orders below the minimum order value are subject to £10.50 carriage cost

e. Special delivery times (i.e. before 10am on Business Days).

(i) TBC on ordering

f. Charges for late / refused deliveries are charged at £25 per failed delivery.