Air Pumps & the new Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) that could save home owners thousands of pounds.

Cyclone Plus InsideCyclone Plus Screwed Connections
Screwed connections with compression fittings
Cyclone Plus Smooth Coil
Smooth tube,
high-efficiency coils
Cyclone Plus Cylinder frontCyclone Plus Caleffi Components
Caleffi safety components
Cyclone Plus Cold Feed Pipe
Cold feed with dip pipe and diffuser in bottom of cylinder
Cyclone Plus Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

What is an air source pump in a nutshell.

An air-to-water source heat pump captures heat from the outside to heat water needed for heating systems typically distributed via underfloor heating. Underfloor heating is recommended as the most efficient system to use with heat pumps because it uses low temperature water. The compressor in the pump uses less electricity when the temperature differences between outside and water in the system are smaller. The pump can also heat water stored in hot water cylinders needed for hot taps, showers or baths.

An Air Pump heating system will typically be made up of an air source heat pump unit installed outside, a minimum of one hot water cylinder inside, some circulation pumps, pipework and a control box and manifold for underfloor heating. Optionally, there could also be a buffer tank installed inside to keep a minimum volume of water in the circuit. 

For more in-depth guide on heat pumps please see the Energy Saving Trust guide.

What is the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (B.U.S.) in a nutshell.

As part of its aim to fulfil the 2050 Net Zero Emissions goal, the government introduced a new Boiler Upgrade Scheme which officially started on 23 May 2022. Under the scheme, installers can claim up to £6000 on behalf of their customers for replacing traditional fossil fuel boilers with low carbon heating technologies. This includes ground and air heating pumps as well as biomass boilers.

How to get on that B.U.S.?

Homeowners who wish to upgrade their current traditional heating can apply for up to a £6000 one-off grant. They will not be able to apply directly. Instead, their heating system installer (who must be registered with the scheme) will apply on their behalf. For successful applications, a voucher will be issued directly to the installer. The voucher will have a limited validity period, three months for an air pump or biomass boiler and six months for a ground source pump. The scheme runs until 2025.

How much can a homeowner get?

  • £5,000 off the cost and installation of an air source heat pump
  • £5,000 off the cost and installation of a biomass boiler
  • £6,000 off the cost and installation of a ground source heat pump

(You can only get one grant per property).

Steps for homeowners.

  1. Finding few MCS-certified installers
  2. Obtaining a few quotes.
  3. The chosen installer will advise whether an installation is eligible for a grant.
  4. The homeowner agrees to a quote for the installation.
  5. The installer applies for the grant.
  6. The homeowner will receive an email from Ofgen to confirm that the installer is acting on their behalf.
  7. Ofgem may contact the homeowner to carry out checks on the installation. It could be a phone call or a visit to their property.

Useful Contacts

For any issues related to the scheme’s policy:

For any issues related to the administration of the scheme, contact Ofgem:

Tel: 0330 053 2006

More information about the scheme on Ofgem website

15mm JG Speedfit
Small water heaters & some boilers
22mm compression

Uniwipe range available from Barco

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Two sensors, two uses


Product code
Battery capacity
Charging specifications
Product size
Standby power consumption
Micro USB (5V/500-1000mA)
Sensing range
Side 1-6cm, Bottom 1-10cm
3.7v lithium battery(400 mAh)
Applicable water pressure
47mm x 47mm x 79mm
Fitting faucet nozzle
Environmental temperature
Male M24 & Female M22
Environmental humidity
Water efficiency level
Waterproof level
IP 65
Water saving efficiency
- Rate of flow is 0.07 L/S under 0.1 MPa
- 0.1 second rapid response
- Level 1 grade of water saving
Senta Rechargeable Design


Senta Installation Drawing

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Included Fittings
Cold Water Inlet Set
Direct Cyclone Plus
Indirect Cyclone Plus
15 x 22mm Tundish
Fitted Temperature and Pressure Relief
Expansion Vessel andBracket
Immersion Heater(s)*
2 Port Zone Valve
Dual Thermostat
Instruction Manual
Step 1
Select hot water demand based on number of bathrooms
1 Bathroom
1 Bathroom
& 1 En-Suite
2 Bathrooms
3 Bathrooms
Step 2
Select number of bedrooms
1 Bedroom
2-3 Bedrooms
3-4 Bedrooms
4-5 Bedrooms
5-6 Bedrooms
Step 3
Select type of cylinder