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Flexseal couplings are phthalate free

(by Flexseal)

Here, in the Barco Green Corner, we have committed to letting you know about all the products in our offering that are friendly to our planet as well as suppliers and manufacturers that care about saving it by improving and developing their products.

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You have most likely heard already about the family of chemicals called phthalates. Impossible to pronounce yet necessary to be talked about, phthalates have a lot of harmful effects. The concern is not only with regards to what a prolonged exposure to phthalates can do to human beings but also how it affects many wildlife. The case of killer whales population described in the recent BBC documentary Extinction: The Facts being probably the most known example but unfortunately not the only one.

What are they?

They are a group of chemicals most commonly used to make plastic more flexible and harder to break.

What are they in?

They are added to many products for their elasticity properties. Phthalates are Included in many cosmetics and personal care products, medical equipment, paints, packaging, plastic pipes as well as plumbing fittings.

Why are they bad?

They can damage the liver, kidneys, lungs and reproductive system causing infertility.

Flexseal couplings - phthalate free

The phthalate-free material is now stipulated as a requirement in many European and Eastern countries. However, although they were banned by the global Stockholm convention, they are still being used in some budget plumbing goods.

It's great news that Flexseal have decided to make all supplied and manufactured products Phthalate free. As a result, we can now offer their drain couplings, sometimes referred to as couplers, that are not only easy to use drainage pipe connectors but an environmentally inert and safe product. 

Flexseal Couplings range - recommended by Barco Green Corner :-)


Two sensors, two uses


Product code
Battery capacity
Charging specifications
Product size
Standby power consumption
Micro USB (5V/500-1000mA)
Sensing range
Side 1-6cm, Bottom 1-10cm
3.7v lithium battery(400 mAh)
Applicable water pressure
47mm x 47mm x 79mm
Fitting faucet nozzle
Environmental temperature
Male M24 & Female M22
Environmental humidity
Water efficiency level
Waterproof level
IP 65
Water saving efficiency
- Rate of flow is 0.07 L/S under 0.1 MPa
- 0.1 second rapid response
- Level 1 grade of water saving
Senta Rechargeable Design


Senta Installation Drawing

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Immersion Heater(s)*
2 Port Zone Valve
Dual Thermostat
Instruction Manual
Step 1
Select hot water demand based on number of bathrooms
1 Bathroom
1 Bathroom
& 1 En-Suite
2 Bathrooms
3 Bathrooms
Step 2
Select number of bedrooms
1 Bedroom
2-3 Bedrooms
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